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taking your writing to the next level, (as i perceive it), is the structuring — the content is already definitely in the bag. your writing is top notch and as unique to you as vonnegut’s was to him, salinger, allan g., and dostoevsky’s was to them.. as finished as any masterpiece that can’t be finished can be… — eat your heart out schubert — and has had me crackin up out loud — even when i wasn’t stoned — times too numerous to mention, not to mention trembling with anticipation, desire and longing as I read about your romantic exploits on the road and other locations… or pressed to rethink my philosophy on tobacco, fate, religion while expanding my knowledge of good music, entertained by behind the curtain anecdotes of the geniuses of jazz, and their underground worker bees of the Cellar, City Lights’s all over the world as they cross paths with our fav bo-beat-hemianik photojournalist java advocate, whose enlightened taste in chicks, riffs, riff raff and the body politik make this world more than a bit more enjoyable, encouraged to spend more time contemplating beauty, music and the meaninglessness of meaning, and importance of pleasure.

your friend,

j d clement

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