who knows me

Yesterday was nice. Today, too. It’s been so bad this year that a nice day is worthy of comment. Barbara and I sat on a bench by English Bay for a long time, talking and not talking. Observing and opining on this and that. beat the devil came up. I mentioned writing a new item, the first in months. (I thought I’d quit.)

“Everyone knows you better than I do.”

Barbara doesn’t read any of this because she has no computer.

“You know me better than anyone”, I said. “What do they know? I’m very selective, what I write about, obviously. Like one day I did something cool . . . then for a year I sat in a room miserable, lonely, and depressed . . . couldn’t even get a date.”

“Put that in your blog”, she said.

Maybe I will.


Thanks Barbara!

Zubromak, Dim Valley. November 3, 2008

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