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Mr. Nation,

your photography inspired and intrigued me, as all art should do in my opinion. it lead me to several questions but it was your biography that really motivated me to wright to you. i recently moved from northern california to the bahamas, a beautiful place and i am not regretting my decision. but in seeking tranquility and balance ive found it but hand in hand came monotony and contentment. i dont want to fullfill nietzche’s quote “show me a content man and ill show you a failure” ( i believe), and it sounds like you have found some stagnance in vancouver. as well as that i noticed your view on how capitalism has destroyed the avenues of artistic living, well thats my spin on it but it sounds like you might agree. i hope that you have the time and the opportunity to respond to the question thats arisen in me and has been festering for some time now, what do we do now?


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