The jackass in the middle is Gordon Campell, premier of British Columbia. At the time the photo was taken, around 1990, he was mayor of Vancouver. He wanted to be a much, much bigger jackass so he became premier of the whole damn province. Sorry . . . calling him jackass is being too kind. Anyway . . . to his right is Blaine Culling who parlayed a successful restaurant into owning most of the clubs on Granville Street and on the far right is Leonard Schein who parlayed half-ownership in a funky old movie house where his opening night show was Casablanca into a string of semi-artsy movie theatres around town. When I asked him to help me show Jazz on a Summers Day back around 1979 he said it was too much trouble. Yawn. The guy at the far left is Hugh Harrison who’s claim to fame at the time was resurrecting the Vogue Theatre.

I was riding my bike down Granville Street one morning, on my way to my postal gig, when I spotted these clowns standing around with brooms. Some kind of “let’s clean up Granville Street” publicity stunt, I guess. Hauling Campbell outta there would have made it clean enough for me.

Herewith more cute pictures of Campbell, these from 2003, courtesy of the Maui Police Dept. Busted for drunk driving. Had it been me I’d probably have lost my job. But not Campbell. He’s only premier.

Gordon Campbell mug shots

[To be deleted. No creeps in my blog, please.]

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  1. Samira

    good riddance to that motherfucker!

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