who needs enemies?

Had coffee with Bowering again today. Who should walk in but Alex Waterhouse-Hayward. Alex is one of the best photographers west of Vermont, in my opinion. At least I thought he was before we had a falling-out last year. Over what I will only tell you privately because this is if nothing else a good vibes collection of memoirs and anecdotes. He stopped to say hello in spite of a big rush to get to the photography class he teaches up the street. Are we still friends I asked him and he nodded yes. Hey, is that your camera in that bag? Take our picture. No, he said. Then he must have seen something . . . I don’t know, but he fumbled with his huge what was it, I forget, but a very large camera to which he attached a Polaroid back and took this picture, presenting the print straight away. There were tables everywhere and he couldn’t seem to get back far enough to focus the image but who cares, I think this is a great photo I treasure already.

Just to show Alex there are no hard feelings I’ll direct you to his blog, although there may be new hard feelings when he sees I’ve posted his photo without any consultation. Regardless, have a look at http://alexwaterhousehayward.com/blog/blog.html

Alex at the SP Gallery 2002.

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