radiant danse uv being

i recall perfectly my first sighting of bill bissett at the vancouver poetry conference in the summer of 1963 after which we became friends with a deepening of friendship a few weeks later when we all took peyote at his ground-floor loft at york street by kits beach.

43 years later we are better friends than ever i think, after many expansions and contractions of distances including perhaps a decade of not seeing or being seen at all, and we are still neighbours at least some part of every year.

there is one thing that i undertstand which is that there is no one i know who is more loyal and true to our spirit or more generous and open to his friends and perhaps everyone.

about two years ago i was invited to contribute to this anthology, collection of poets friends admirers and believers, a loving tribute and celebration of a life’s work and inspiration. today my copy arrived in the mail, very exciting, beautiful book i am very honoured to have a poem in, also my photo of bill inside with editors jeff pew and stephen roxborough, whom i thank profusely for not giving up on me. they found the poem i didn’t think i could write and there it is in black and white.

if i were you i would get this book. i imagine it’ll be in stores soon but you can get it at nightwood editions or better yet come to the party


May 18 Vancouver
The Ironworks

(as well as the launch of radiant danse uv being, bill is having an
art show!)

also these places:

April 20th Cranbrook, B.C. (Poetry on the Rocks @ the Stage Door)
April 21st Kimberley, B.C. (Poetry on the Rocks @ Centre 64)

May 19 Victoria
Solstice cafe

June 1 Toronto
Clinton‚s Tavern

Fall, 06 Calgary
(sheri-d wilson is making plans)

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