Foncie’s Fotos

Street photographer Foncie Pulice must have taken over a million photographs of people walking past his little camera stand on Granville Street in Vancouver between 1946 and 1979. He’d hand you a ticket as you passed which you could redeem for your picture after 24 hours. This is me and my buddy Petur Sigmundson around 1964.

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  1. Lois Larose

    I also have a photo from 1978……I was 18 yrs old and ran the portrait studio at the time in Eatons. Foncie was a friend on the street that I spoke to daily and was going to buy the joint from him in 1979. I still have an original business card as well as the photo and the papers of sale that I took to the bank…..but alas… one would lend the $ to a 19 yr old even when buying the company that had been there for 35 yrs the name , everything…..I will never forget the man that photoed so many smiles over the years

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