parking is such sweet sorrow

I haven’t posted in almost a month. My reader has emailed me, concerned that I might be dead. Or worse, out of ideas. He’s the son of a famous jazz musician. I’ll call him “Guy”.

I replied:

I’m thinking about starting a blog about writing my blog.

It’s weird. I have lots of ideas. Sometimes I start writing about something I really want to write about but I can’t get a handle on it so I save and quit. I have about twenty of these abortions.

The ones that actually get written pretty much write themselves. I never know when I start out what will happen.

It’s very annoying.

But thanks for your concern.


Once I ran into Guy’s dad in a communist bookstore. He was buying a copy of Z magazine. I used to get that magazine myself. Trouble was, I agreed with anything they wrote so never actually read any of their articles.

Among the magazines I’ve subscribed to in my life are Popular Science, Harper’s, The New Yorker, Yugen, and Macworld. Popular Science was a gift on my 12th birthday. I loved that magazine and read every issue cover to cover, including the ads. Macworld came as a gift from Apple for buying a computer. As for the others, you can see what a misguided egghead I’ve been most if not all of my life.

Yugen was a poetry magazine put out by Leroi Jones who later became Amiri Baraka. I got one issue before it folded. Once I attended a party at Leroi Jones’ place where Albert Ayler’s trio played all night. Recently I learned that Archie Shepp lived in the same building. I’m trying to remember who told me that – someone who was there, I think. Wait, I remember. Rashied Ali. Ali’s a fantastic drummer who I once saw at The Barrel Coffee House in Montreal during Expo 67. I took Ali’s picture at Rime just last month. Expo 67 was great. I had a great time at Expo 67.

Rashied Ali
Rashied Ali. Vancouver June 5, 2005

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