Funniest cartoon I’ve seen so far this year: A couple and their dog floating in their living room. Caption: Have you paid the gravity bill?

I had the invincible flu. Lasted about six weeks. In retrospect it was like a holiday in Three Rivers. Nothing to do but read, watch dvds on the powerbook, eat soup, drink juice. I miss it. I don’t feel like doing a thing anymore. I downloaded a ton of mp3’s so I could listen to great music of all kinds without budging from the couch.

My life is better than I had any right to expect. I saw photographs of monumental sculptures in Afghanistan and was filled with longing for places I never went to, and never will. Why these contradictions?

I remember playing imaginary football in Molson Stadium in the middle of the night with Normand Gingras and kissing Mavis in my back yard out by the bamboo and never seeing her again as she left the next day for Victoria to become a lawyer.

Did I or did I not have breakfast with Che Guevara and am I or am I not wearing the white denim jacket that once belonged to Lenny Bruce? (White denim!)

All night long I hack and cough like a roomful of hobos in a western Canadian flophouse. I lay awake in such a place one night, maybe fifty beds long, and listened to depression-era anecdotes of hopping freight trains and marking posts in front of houses where you got a meal or other kind treatment, to let the other hobos know this was a good place to knock on the door.

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