Memories, Dreams, Sandwiches

Do I live in the past? Is my life just memories? And very ordinary memories of ordinary life at that?

There’s no shutting me up, that we know.

Do you think I’m compensating for the dullness of my existence by investing every trivial event with mythic qualities and repeating them endlessly to anyone kind enough to pretend to be listening?

Well, I have to say that for me the most interesting things about people, even fictional characters, are the descriptions of the ordinary. Stories of fantastic adventures lose me quickly. Really. I mean it. For me a walk to the corner store for bread as the light changes, or sitting in a room waiting for someone or something is engrossing. I wish more of my friends would write their memoirs because the library biography section is filled only with famous people doing “interesting” things.

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  1. Kenton Crowther

    The everyday is immortal, but to realize that can be the knack of a lifetime. You have the knack in your articles, which glimmer with the galactic varnish. Keep you on, baby.

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