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I added the guestbook to my site in 1997. By 2006 so much spam was showing up, hundreds each day, that I had to turn it off. The messages of support, love, encouragement, etc., that appeared here inspired me to keep going and so I've kept the page as an archive.

i wuz here
downtown vancouver
February 24, 2006
well i managed to pull myself away after several "lit hits" and as it is now a wee hour in the morning, i must retire.
but first a simple note of appreciation for either the way you experience life or the way you express it (or likely both). enjoyable. refreshing.
December 11, 2005
1971 which i never pursued as i was too busy getting high and trying to get all the loving i could..i regret this now although it was a good trip....i will leave you with a closing line to one of my poems that is so philisophical that it astounded me so much so that i gave up drinking....FOR LIVING ONE DAY IS SO HARD TO DO...WHEN YOUR FIGHTING YESTERDAY ..AND ITS FIGHTING AGAINST YOU
Wilmington NC
December 10, 2005
Hi Brian Just want to let you know that I worked with Walt Skees in the early 70's. I was about 21 years old and had similar conversations with him. He was a great singer and a different kind of guy. The stories he told you about his women were probably true.
vancouver b.c
November 15, 2005
hi zeydah! i like your web-site thanks for helping me with my blog!
November 1, 2005
Hi Brian,
I've just been enjoying your writing and photos. It's good to stop by once in a while for a refreshment. Thank you. Beautiful!
- Melody
Powell River
September 24, 2005
hey there remember me. I was 18 and used to come downtown to visit you. I introduced you to Bo Diddley. Harvey, Dave and Sam were there too. I was just looking up Dave on the net and noticed your name. And you are in Vancouver how interesting! I am on the sunshine coast and loving it. If you want to chat further email me.
never say never-land
September 8, 2005
Not sure how I stumbled upon your web site, but I'm glad I did, your story of the happy goat lady alone on the island really struck a cord with me, if you live in the place where you would vacation it would be the ultimate blessing. Thanks for letting us live your experiences. I will always remember that.
White Rock
(Where there's this really huge white rock on the beach!)
August 24, 2005
Wow Brian. Some guy is asking for your advice on Life! And another one, named Larry Beaconfield, seem to think you're brothers! Some want their 15 minutes of fame, but you're going on 15 years and then some. It is great to see your creative development and how you've used this new-fangled gizmo computer stuff as a medium. Remember the time we were unable to recall the name of some movie or actor we knew and you said so cheerfully, Let's look it up on the Internet! And I pushed a pin in your bubble by reaching out my hand and grabbing one of your massive reference books and reading out the answer without a moving a muscle toward the computer? I'll never forget that. You were like a little kid who got told there was no ice cream in the freezer. Anyway, how bout that Greek restaurant in the west end where you line up for an hour to get a table-but-it's-so-worth-the-wait-Bill-you'll-see? Many good memories. I've yet to indulge in your writing but look forward to it now I've finally checked into your website. In struggle, as always,
Micheál O'Connell
Brighton, Englann
August 22, 2005
You seem interesting
Any advice on how to conduct life? 
East Van
July 27, 2005
What a long strange trip it's been. I vividly recall those hot nights in those dusty little halls listening to the A.E.C. and Mary-Lou Williams, the amazing baking table set up by the neophyte restauranteur Susan Mendelhson (sp) and her handsome and talented friend and partner who we just called 'Mom'. And later that decade, the downstairs jazz-rib joint on Burrard where I first heard Dexter Gordon play live, the bourbon fumes pouring out of his horn with the sound. But jazz is all about improv and invention and you brought the best of the innovators (McCoy Tyner!) to our sleepy little resort. Thank you. You're looking good for The 1000 Year Old Man. Hope all is well.

Reply: It wasn't Susan. It was Deborah Roitberg who co-founded the jazz society and supplied the fabulous cheesecake.
louie power
oshawa ontario
July 15, 2005
not really too familar with your work and i really do not know what your philosophies are..i actually stumbled somehow to your site as i am a new member to the computer world..i held out for some stupid moralistic reason up until july 5 2005 then after my mom passed away i ,for some strange unknown motivation found myself on a key board...i am a writer not professional but i consider my works to be quite interesting...i have been published and had a professional writers contract offer back in 1971 which i never pursued as i was too busy getting high and trying to get all the loving i could..i regret this now although it was a good trip....i will leave you with a closing line to one of my poems that is so philisophical that it astounded me so much so that i gave up drinking....FOR LIVING ONE DAY IS SO HARD TO DO...WHEN YOUR FIGHTING YESTERDAY ..AND ITS FIGHTING AGAINST YOU. now this may sound so simple but if you applied it to some of our own personal life lessons it can either give you a shitty awakening or a gentle feeling of understanding that what you had been looking for...was there and always had been..anyway it was nice to meet you..perhaps future correspondece could materialize louie power
Asheville, NC
July 9, 2005
it's great to see you keeping bopp & free flow of thought rolling over electric waves of global frequencies.

were you ever up at the committee on poetry in cherry valley, you seem familiar somehow? I’m looking forward to exploring more of your site & photographs. It’s nice to see that Peter & his poetry hasn’t been forgotten, he was indeed a legendary farmer.

now it's time to catch the next dreamtime express, laters...


July 2, 2005
I am so very proud of you. Your talent is exceptional. It must be the genes.
Happy birthday, brother.
Ben Roesch
Oradell, New Jersey
June 26 , 2005
Wow! What a cool website! I like a lot of your writing but I was floored by "The Hotdog Palace Never Closes." I, too, spent quite a few days and nights there hanging out and occasionally having a bite. The Golden Eagle was one of several similar places that I stayed at near Broadway, Grant and Columbus. And although I didn't go into any of the topless places (too broke!), it seemed like the fascinating mileau that we youth were immersed in was unduly influenced by that new, glitzy, chintzy culture.

About 10 years ago I met a guy named Tomas in Colorado Springs and we hung out together, off and on, for a couple years. It was only after we had known each other for months that he mentioned hanging out at the Hotdog Palace in the '60s in North Beach. We both then looked at each other more closely, but neither of us could see a face from the past, now evolved with the years. Our paths had never crossed in North Beach.

Something interesting to me is the way that the past is past. Of course I understand that, but I'm still disappointed. I'm really pathologically nostalgic. I've run into very few that, like yourself and Tomas, spent time in North Beach in that post-beatnik, pre-hippie era. Your piece and its delicious flavor really brought back those memories in a very powerful way. I can remember a lot of individuals that influenced me and introduced me to the life. People like Gary McMurray, Sparrow, Julie, Barbara, Psyche, Bearded Dave (the "wobbly"), Ray, the sometimes DJ (at KJAZ), "The mayor of North Beach" (I can't remember his name), Dan Cleland the writer, Girtz Langhins (he later did light shows at the Fillmore).

I still remember the first weed I bought at the Last Exit. And afternoons at City Lights. And how could I forget the fabulous hamburgers with that huge pile of grilled onions at Mike's Pool Hall. It was a few doors from the Jazz Workshop and the juke box was unique, full of MJQ, Miles and Coltrane.

The Hotdog Palace space today is an upscale restaurant. As I walk by I can still imagine the counter at the back and a tall, thin guy behind the counter smoking. We talked, but I never got to know him. I know he spoke some Japanese, probably from an adventure in a prior life. Little flashes like this are all that's left of that time gone by. Thanks for bringing it all back!

New York, NY
May 18, 2005
Your work fascinates me. I love reading it. Thank you and please keep it up.

Los Angeles

May 12, 2005
I find you most intriguing -- an inspiration to a fairly young writer (me). Thank you.

Your comment, "Capitalism hates art more than ever," really struck a chord with me -- especially in a town where art is forsaken daily to sell another bag of popcorn and a large soda.

Ralph Regina
New York City
March 23, 2005
Good Morning Brian — I am 57 years old and I guess I am about your age and yes I too "DUG" MORT FEGA. I was very fortunate to live (and still do by the way) in New York City at a time when jazz DJs were about the hippest thing on the planet. I listend to Mort on WTFM (101.3) in Fresh Meadows on the week-end/so he must have done 7 days a week or at least 6 with his WEVD shows in Manhanttan.

It must have been exciting to hear him from Montreal with the weak signal....I can appreciate that because I did the same thing but more for blues than jazz. I had all the jazz I wanted in my own "backyard" with Mort, of course, Symphony Sid Turin (the "boobala" of jazz), the wonderful Ed Beach on WRVR-FM (106.7), Alan Grant's "Potraits in Jazz" show on WABC-FM and Al "Jazzbeaux" Collins on "WNEW-AM 1130 ON THE RADIO DIAL". I was totally very saddened when I heard that Mort passed away earlier this year.

Brian, I must ask you a favor (has my head down sheepishly) you mentioned he was gracious enough to give you some tapes of his show from Palm Beach it posible to make copies for myself (I will gladly pay you for this). He was my jazz mentor when I was a precocious wise-ass teenager of 13 trying to be hip with the gals but in so doing feel in love with the music and my only regret is not seeing him in all my years when he was in NYC. I hope you will reply no matter what. Thanks -your brother in Jazz....Ralph Regina

Philipino Clementina
Cote St Luc
March 10, 2005 10:10 PT    
Brian -- your blogablog is a helium filled eccentric uncle floating to the ceiling everytime some one laughs, and then suddenly bursting into silence, at the so many aha's you give to the reader... but you can't help it! You make the world a better place with all the letters and word music you play. Keep on boppin, this world needs more riffraff like' a you! Looking for a story about your brisket. Philip
Vancouver, B.C.
March 5, 2005 13:04 PT    
I'm sitting here with no words and no breath, too. I think it's angina.

But seriously, I love the comments page. I may even get around to looking at the site soon.

March 2, 2005 07:54 PT    
i am sitting here w/ no words and short breath. i absolutely adore your writing. live on.
not a druid
January 23, 2005 21:03 PT    
At a daughter's party, 1984, he sat alone in a corner and I thought I'd generously make the old gent feel welcome. Well, he made me feel welcome. Over a few years we met for suppers, spoke of teaching, WWII, writing, church of latter day druids. He seemed a surrogate grandfather, nice since I never had a real one. Last visit before moving out west to start teaching he called from the apartment door to the elevator as I waited: "Teach love; I did and it worked for me." Right on. We wrote regularly until he died. For some reason I plunk his name into Google tonight and up comes your ee cummings dedication. His eyes were still bright blue in 1989. Glad Norman was in your life.
January 13, 2005 20:02 PT    
well, Brian. I have not much to say, besides that. well. well done, well thought, well lived. and well written. I really enjoy your writing. look for a professor at some college who knows someone who knows someone who knows someone that could maybe get a book published. or something.

thats one of the things i want to do with my life, is publish a book of poetry. i have no idea whether i actually will, but this has given me a well recieved nudge in the right direction. Thank you.

marin county,ca
January 2, 2005 14:59 PT    
you are very talented.
have an amazing life.
max c
December 10, 2004 20:56 PT    
We just read Words on Waking and were wondrering who wants to kill the rats? I like your website.

ps hi from Kristin

Tujunga, Ca
November 25, 2004 20:45 PT    
Wow. You just answered soooooooo many questions that I have been asking myself for the past 6 months. Thank you for the reassurance in things. I really needed to see someone else story about their transitions.
Kristine Ledbury
October 12, 2004 19:00 PT    
I looked to see your eyes after reading your words..only to find depth beyond measure.
Thank you for the time and effort you have put forth on these pages. I am overwhelmed. As it is said, "when the student is ready, the teacher appears". You have opened up my eyes to worlds I never knew existed. *kiss* Please let me know if you choose to do a reading in the Lansing, MI area?
Montreal, Canada
October 2, 2004 14:06 PT    
I was referred by Michelle's Daily Writing Exercise
to your page Wallace Stevens 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. I am so grateful to stumble upon that poem - thank you! I'm travelling through the rest of your site now; it's great. When are you coming back to Montreal?
August 21, 2004 09:47 PT    
I was looking for neruda works.. then i saw your page. I am a college student. I'm into theater, poetry and music, too. Nice works. Keep the fire.
August 18, 2004 15:36 PT    
Great site Brian. I was looking up some Neruda works, and ran across it. Keep that pen to the paper amigo.

Cuidate y Adelante,

You can see my site here:

Larry Maler
Tampa, Florida
August 16, 2004 15:17 PT    
I'm Len's younger brother. He gave me a copy of PK Dick's UBIK in 1972 or so. I read everything by PKD too. What a great nutcase. The world needs more great nutcases. They are a good way to rebug the system.
August 6, 2004 03:17 PT    
found you via a Lorca search and really enjoy your site......nice to stumble into another fringe nutter who is drenched in poetry and music! For anyone looking for yet another interesting arts site, try my friend's at'm on there somewhere!!
sasha mills
July 12, 2004 19:20 PT    
Hi zeydah! its sasha i realy like your website!
randhir khare
pune, in india
April 18, 2004 00:29 PT    
have just stumbled upon you and your work.quite amazing.i'm a writer-poet-artist-wanderer of spanish, indian (india), irish, english its a gawdaweful mish mash. check my website:
March 31, 2004 19:11 PT    
Hello Brian,
I stumbled upon your site by accident. You're the first person I've come across that has read as many Philip K. Dick novels as I have. I enjoyed your poetry and pictures. Your site looks great. Good luck!
March 25, 2004 12:32 PT    
stumbled across your site by chance and some lorca...lifted our spirits, really enjoyed your pictures and long eclectic letter on chicken legs. thank you for sharing your free spirit... brightens a rainy afternoon
michael franklin
portland, or
March 5, 2004 16:07 PT    
hey hippo, love the site, found it by searching for yevgeny yevtushenko. curious if you do public readings.
February 15, 2004 18:53 PT    
Who knows how I found you, man of many words. Do you just stay up at night doing rails and relentlessly type away at this product. It is tastefully done. Is that your real name, and if so, did you change it to that for melody. It does have a nice ring to it.
Anyway, nevermind.
Shelline Vandermey
February 3, 2004 15:30 PT    
Was looking up my dad, Bob Vandermey on Google…and found your letters. I'm his daughter…maybe we met, but that hilarious walkthru Vancouver sounds sooo familiar! What a blast from the past.
Shelline Vandermey.
Ronald Proby
January 12, 2004 13:10 PT    
Your name popped up accidently during a Google search (Cheap Cigarettes and Billy Georgette). Your name has a familiar ring. I just spent an engaging 30 minutes spliping and sliding around the links at your site. Very bracing ride it was and still is. I am originally from Vancouver and was a jazz/blues musician for 30 years, gravitating to less indulgent musical concerns when I turned 50, which was about 10 years ago. Your site has brought back all the brash excitement of trying to be and succeeding in being 'hip'in Vancouver in the 1960's. It all seemed so important at the time. Thanks to your website I see the pursuit of hip is not entirely a dying concern in the Vancouver of today .......many thanks for your website........and, well, Hi ! if I know you. And Hi !, even if I don't.
December 22, 2003 04:49 PT    
Well I was looking for Ammons & Stevens poems & found U. U R a good poet, BREATHING THOUGHTS -- thats really cool. If U want to know anything of Russia, poetry, me & so on, mail me, I know everything.
Seoul, South Korea
December 18, 2003 05:34 PT    
actually i was searching for the images of the movie, the hours. but "google" found one of your pictures, the hours. i was very impressed by the picture so i came here. i was so lucky to visit here. i really enjoyed your poets and selected works. wish you have a good time and keep smiling. - from fareast asia, your friend HJ
December 9, 2003 12:59 PT    

I try to visit as many web sites as I can and I enjoyed very much reading your poetry. I think you can learn a lot through the eyes of a poet. That is why I like going into cyberspace and visiting with other people. It gives you a better understanding of what they know, think, and feel. Thanks and best regards, Bill.   

"Musing On Life" by Bill McKeen

Uppsala, Sweden
December 6, 2003 19:15 PT    
I was searching for information about García Lorca and that's how I found your page. Now that I've used a little info from here I am trying to find out what kind of page this is and who owns it so that I can refer to it properly...

Thank you for the Lorca page!


Donna Vidas
September 16, 2003 05:20 PT    
Brian, Brian, you are a man who is full of surprises. How can I know you and not really know you? Here I am, finally seeking out your web page, at 4 AM, simply because I can't sleep because I work with a psychotic woman who is trying to make my life difficult (and succeeding it would seem). Wrapped up in my own neutotic thoughts I stumble into your perspective, and am stunned. Not only do I like to meet you for beers at the Sylvia with Mike, or go hear music with you, or run into you in the West End...but you write so beautifully, clearly, tangibly. I loved reading your writing and exploring your site. Why is my life set up so that I actually wait years to check a friend's web page out? Why can't Mike and I move to a small oceanside town on the Oregon Coast? Why have I stopped writing? Feel free to omit my rambling thoughts from your guestbook, it is not my usual time to be awake. Am I awake? What I really want to say is: Thanks, I love your writing. Donna Also, I love Neruda, when I lived in San Francisco I used to drive around with my friend in her baby blue Charma Ghia (too late to check spelling), and I wish I had seen Coltrane live. Oh, well. See ya soon.
noel thomas
Montreal, Quebec
September 14, 2003 16:28 PT    
Thank you for just being on the internet.

Jim Cohn
September 6, 2003 11:11 PT    
Riff Bopper, You have the best Peter Orlovsky page on the net. Look for it soon at the Invisible Empires of Beatitude exhibit, Museum of American Poetics site (

August 22, 2003 13:53 PT    
I ran across your site purely by accident. I really enjoyed your original poetry. Very nice!
Don Lupe Alegria
August 19, 2003 12:57 PT    
Funny thing here;Lived above and worked Savoy Tivoli rest. Grant Ave, Had my coffee at Melvinas. Frecuently saw Ginsberg-Ferlenggeti (?)coming up from "Cafe Triest". Freddy Kuh..Sad to hear Bohemia died in Vancouver,Too. I've searched wide for another street. Lord and Lady Buckley, Cosmo Alley. I was third partner at Shelly Manhole on Cahuenga in Hollywood. Saucelito, Santa Cruz, Letters from Anais ect. I do Flamenco now, Sara Barras, Carmen Linares, Morentes, Esperanza, just to keep it straight, Cajon-Pacomania is eating at the edges of flamenco as if flamenco needed yet more problems.That's what I do now. Music-write-compose-dream-dodge the bullet. I'm not gay, never very good at propagation, nesting as such. And have many friends and play flamenco around and about. Nice site you have. was searching Lorca, one of your posts. Basta.
James LaCroix Jr.
August 7, 2003 04:48 PT    
Hi Brian, I really enjoyed yr website, so much in fact, that I posted alink to it on the front page of my poetry community website. Just thought I would let you know about it. Thanks.
July 31, 2003 15:01 PT    
found you through z...eye of the blackbird....
merci for inspirations....
Len Maler
July 27, 2003 18:42 PT    
Hi Brian, found this site by accident again. Robyn (named by Johanna) now likes Coltrane. And both older kids like Dick. There might be hope yet. Now I have to find my Lorca book. Hope all's well.
May 30, 2003 11:58 PT    
thank you for the orlovsky page.
it was great to see coverage. he's entirely under-appreciated.
March 17, 2003 04:19 PT    
Hi there- teh little story about walking at night n the prairies was really good. kerouac was so vivid describing the feeling of walking by lighted windows at dusk and the smells of dinners.Your story reminded me of that and of my own wanderings along those lines.
Madison, WI
March 14, 2003 18:33 PT    
Well it all started from this quote:
Literature is the question minus the answer.
- Roland Barthes
which I sent to a guy who is a lit major, but now working as a web developer, by the way the quote is from "The Cluetrain Manifesto" see So, I asked David if he had come across this quote in his studies. He promptly replied that he had and he *recognized* the quote from "The Cluetrain Manifesto" and then he forwarded me the link to "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" - great poem - So, that is how I found my way hear. from web dev >> literature >> poetry >> your site. Serendipity.
February 24, 2003 12:46 PT    
I happened upon your site while searching for Pablo Neruda poems to send to someone I met only once but think I fell in love with that one day. But that's my story. I enjoyed your story-thanks for making creativity so accessible!
January 28, 2003 14:32 PT    
Enjoyed reading so much. very moving.
Miami/Memphis/North Alabama
January 17, 2003 21:47 PT    
Love your website, Brian. I have added your Babi Yar link to a couple of my websites. May I have permission to add also?
Doug Lang
January 12, 2003 04:35 PT    
Brian, Dear Brian...I remember the visit where you were first starting the idea for, and it was like a squiggled ink drawing and, look!, now you've coloured it in and it's beginning to look like a work of art.
And you've let others colour in some of the space as well. That's so Brian of you. You were the first person to buy a copy of my book of jazz poems, Blue Tenor. Did you know that? You don't buy jewelry for a woman whose bones are her beauty. Look at her now.
Taras levchuk Kyiv
December 12, 2002 07:43 PT    
U seem to be active in many fields In New World. have u ever visited Ukraine and Pogrebusche?

Spasibo. Djakuju. Ciao

Sandra Oliva
November 6, 2002 19:59 PT    
I found your site through a search on Pablo Neruda, one of my favourite poets. Love your site, thanks for sharing your work. From another fellow cancerian.
Michelle Maria Boleyn
October 9, 2002 12:04 PT    
YOUR LINK ON BEATitude IS UPDATED! Just to let you know, we have finally updated links. (One of the links was continually blowing out the site)...also updated the entire format of for a visit..Thanks for the traffic...keep on boppin!
John Doheny
West End (view IS swell)
September 18, 2002 13:35 PT    
p.s. What ever happened to Christian Sivrell?Haven't seen him in 35 years.
John S. P. Doheny
Seattle, originally,Vancouver, at the moment
September 18, 2002 11:18 PT    
Jesus H. Christ on a banana Brian! I KNOW you man! At least I remember you, I don't know if you remember me...from parties at the Tallman's(many,many of them) bill bissets studio(not the one on York ave. you speak of, but around the corner on Yew.One of a series of blacked out storefronts next to a corner grocery.This was about 1968. Me and my pal Bobby Barker once spent 3 days there high on acid, leaving only to replenish ourselves with butterhorns from the corner store).I was a "student" at the Knowplace Freeschool.All this time I've been posting on your jazz forum and you're THAT Brian Nation. I was known as "Pip" Doheny back then. I grew up in Seattle with Warren Tallman's kids, Kenny and Karen...Well I'll be dipped in shit...
Cullen Jennings
September 12, 2002 22:22 PT    
In "potpourri memoir" you mention Godfrey Stephens. He is still an amazing artist on vancouver island. If you wanted to find him you could start with
Bryan, Ohio
September 7, 2002 09:53 PT    
Just like yourself.. music and writing is my life, although i write constantly.. sometimes i can hate it.. because my feeling seem so empty at times and then very abrupt at others.. what is a girl to do with that.. i wish so bad to publish a book.. my own book full of my writing...
richard saxe
east ontario
August 20, 2002 04:57 PT    
I have one of your lp records. Do you want it back? I borrowed it from my cousin David 3 decades ago.
August 19, 2002 20:13 PT    
I came across your site searching for things on Federico Garcia Lorca during school. I ended up on it for the entire period. Barely got my report done. I'm a poet and an artist myself, I read incessantly, and I thirst for live and people. I really like your sight because we have the same writing style. Please continue to share your life with all of us, and just remember that someone out there will always be interested.
Brian Nation
August 17, 2002 13:01 PT    
Hey, hows it going, I just typed in my name under a search engine and found you and your website. My name is Brian Nation too and I am a 25/M that live in Louisville,KY USA
July 22, 2002 10:03 PT    
Hi Brian,

Nice Site. (Nice Sight?) (Sight for soar I's) Whatever. I was following a link to Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird from google to here. Thanks for the collecttion. Good Luck.

July 11, 2002 11:34 PT    
Nice to meet you..
I found your site reading a bilingual version of neruda, who's chilean....Keep writing!! Luck.
gabriela guerrero
July 6, 2002 04:43 PT    
poetry speaks the soul of the universe
June 20, 2002 11:04 PT    
Found your site whilst thinking of changing from a VDub to a Kharmann Ghia, quite a turn up!! At 37 years old/young, not sure if I have enough experiences yet (good ones!) to compose a site, but it was a breath of fresh air, and an inspiration. Will call again to read on, so keep updated. MLB. Devon, England
Greg L
Washington DC USA
June 5, 2002 07:02 PT    
I chanced onto your site via MPR's Writer's Almanac; this being Lorca's birthday, there was a link to your Lorca page, after which I started exploring the rest. It is now bookmarked. Good design, good writing (I esp. like your poems), and fine visual works will keep me coming back!
June 3, 2002 17:11 PT    
A search for information on hairstyles brought up your piece "Hair", which I read, and then got completely sucked in to your world and when I looked up from the screen an hour had gone by. Thanks for taking me away for awhile.
May 11, 2002 23:46 PT    
Sorry. I've snagged your picture 'Sundial'. It's now the 'Wallpaper of the Month'. Great picture! Several people who keep their eye on my choice of wallpaper have commented that it's a stunning picture. I've passed your url on to them. Good work!
ephemereal mind candy
May 3, 2002 10:18 PT    
it's like u missed hearing the train's horn bellowing bricks of honest palabra's, only to sense its vibrato beneath your feet. there'll be another one and your schtick can be to miss it. i think it works and i'm glad i've stumbled across your ignorance.
April 23, 2002 01:48 PT    
Nice to find somebody on the net who writes poems.
I, myself do write little pieces of poetry
Ian Kidd
Planet Earth (down with nationalities!)
April 22, 2002 11:04 PT    
I am not a true lover of poetry, unless by Spike Milligan, and unless it rhymes. I would write poetry (as I do) only to amuse myself. If others read and laugh at it, well, that's their problem. Indeed, a very interesting site, here, and one I may one day return to. Frog poem was quite full.
April 16, 2002 21:02 PT    
real good work Brian, ur travails fascinated me. but, a question .. why have u named ur poem 'tongues bomb sonata' so? ur face in itself is an atlas of experiences gathered! :-] a very impressive site. keep up the good work.
Pasadena, Calif.
March 5, 2002 16:54 PT    
Like you, I'm "On the Road"...temporarily in Jupiter, Florida. I too have read that Kerouac work, but am no published poet...or published at any other sort of work. I'll try to surf more of your site, later--perhaps, but...How's Vancouver, other than wet? Oh, and I found your page (I think,) surfing for something about Yevgeny Yevtushenko.
Hammond Guthrie
March 4, 2002 17:03 PT    
Hello again - Here to note per Miles' book "The Beat Hotel" - please see my review of this in the forthcoming issue of jackmagazine at:
And - for you if you do - I send greetings from beyond from perhaps our mutual friend "Hube the Cube." - Cheers, Hammond
Tom E M
March 2, 2002 06:46 PT    
Looking for "luscious tits", I ended up in "Burger". Hit me hard. At 50ish, I sometimes think I have a good idea. Once in a great while, I'm right. But the rush of life does seem to overwhelm ideas most of the time. Lots of good ideas on your site! Might use some of 'em! Thanks for sharing...
February 28, 2002 00:01 PT    
Brian -- found the site on an online search for
the "Golden Eagle". Stayed there a month in 98 before smoking my rent and winding up in the Mission Rock Shelter. Insomnia and reminiscing about that chapter. Got out of there and on a greyhound home to PA a few months later, in the nick too, apparently, as they closed it. Cool site. - J
February 15, 2002 10:54 PT    
hey man, i think this site is totally awesome!
Ray Lavoie
February 11, 2002 03:27 PT    
Hello Brian,

Have been reading Beat Hotel by Barry Miles and had not been aware that Peter Orlovsky wrote poetry. Searched the web and found some of his verse on your site. Thank you for that.

Nice intro to the site. I went "on the road" at fifteen. Classic runaway from stifling small town in Saskatchewan. First place I went was Vancouver. Survived by using numerous social charities, sally ann, etc., selling Georgia Straight and playing blues harp on the street. Things were different then, as you know...a whole youth culture basically, at least as finance goes, on the bum.

Anyways, so you ran a jazz club in the '70's? I am just curious of what happened to Lucy's Jazz Workshop in Gastown, probably not there these things go. Saw a great Elvin Jones (I think that is his name, fine drummer-band leader) gig there around 1974.

Keep up the great site,

February 4, 2002 20:47 PT    
I found this site by searching for "13 ways of looking at a blackbird", which I thought was an intriguing title for a poem. The phrase had been mentioned in a newspaper article. Having read the poem in question, I continued exploring the website. I enjoyed your poems, 'Mr. Boppin', better than the one I searched for. I am a little jealous, so I am going off to continue living my life, but I would bet that I will be back.
February 1, 2002 09:23 PT    
I thought you might be interested in the perspective of a teenage girl about your site.

I recently have become intrigued with poetry and works that stifle the mind and require thinking (Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jack Kerouac, etc.)I also am a photographer and lover of art. I came upon your website searching for poetry by Lorca. (I think you might want to add "As She Purrs..." to your collection)

NE way, I started looking over your site and I enjoy it very much. The problem (and the reason I decided to write) is the constant reference to cigarettes. Some of your poetry is very good but I am so turned off by your constant reference to this discusting and life-ending habit. Now, I know I might sound like a prude ar whatever you want to say, but for me, this so weakens and takes away from your themes and my ability to take your wisdom to heart.

I could go on forever on this topic but when something is true many words are not necessary.

Love the web site despite this factor. Keep doing what you're doing and stay healthy, live long.

January 29, 2002 15:13 PT    
Lorca,Neruda,Experiential Living,Loving, Alienation,Tragedy,Nature...
so I do belong to a wider group
of appreciators!( and they're not
the melancholy Irish hah)
I recommend a visit to
Andalucia to all who ruminate through this site.
Let it dance in your blood

Thanks Brian for all your trouble...
So there ARE people like me after all...jeeez..
all over the world...criiikey

January 26, 2002 23:24 PT    
Viva la Canadahead!
December 30, 2001 23:45 PT    
My written words are prose, thus your poetry touches me; the words of a poet are often most appreciated by those who cannot speak them.
joe oboyle
December 15, 2001 17:15 PT    
wallowing in words
swallowing swords
lost in teens
dreaming and always meaning
to stand under.
Philly, PA
December 15, 2001 17:14 PT    
I don't even know how I got to your site but I'm glad i did. You rock. Melissa
A small Hungarian village, at the moment
December 12, 2001 11:04 PT    

Here's a little recapitulation in the form of a few of my shorter poems:

Love: the parallel invisible.
She burned down all my houses,
but I found my home
in the warmth of the fire.


Maybe there's a beginning before every beginning.
Maybe there's an end after every end.
Maybe there are love letters we are writing
that only our children can send.


The Water's Thirst

Water is to the blood
what longing is to the soul.

I'm learning to love waterfalls.
I've always liked to watch them from a distance,
but going over them's another thing.

That's when you learn the water's thirst.


It would be nice to correspond with you if you have time. I'm currently in a small Hungarian village, awaiting the birth of my third child.
The due date is December 16th, and so the baby could arrive anyday now. My wife is Hungarian;
that's why we are here now.

I'm usually living in Prague, singing my poems,
and hosting a weekly open reading.

Hope to hear from you. In any case, best wishes
for the New Year...

How many towers must fall
before we're gonna hear the soul's call?


November 20, 2001 07:44 PT    
I found my way from your story in Samsara Quarterly. Your website is of the same quality as your story - high end. Here's another market you may want to take a look at

Now I'm going to go back to your website and browse a little more.

Andrew Phillips
November 1, 2001 09:55 PT    
Brian - Thank you for your dedication to Allen Ginsberg. Jamie Reid's homage was beautiful. I think he was able to express the essence of who Allen was and his legacy to us through his life and work. Poet, beatpoet, hippiepoet, visionarypoet, gaypoet, Buddhistpoet, shamanpoet, politicalpoet, truthpoet, teacherpoet, Jewishpoet, Americanpoet, courageouspoet,lovepoet, lifepoet, spiritpoet, he somehow wrapped all of these up unto himself. I was so lucky to have had him in my life....from my mother's album "Howl" with the front cover of a Sanfrancisco Peace shrine, to his psychedelic bus trip to Bellingham with Kesey and the merry pranksters, then his reading with Leary and finally his reading in black suit and tie in Vancouver. I will never forget his power and sincerity.

Seattle (orignally) elswhere now.
October 26, 2001 12:22 PT    
I typed in the word "Leotfatu" in a search engine and this site came up I don't see why. Good stuff though.
October 22, 2001 06:42 PT    
Hello Boppin,

I love the way you smile,
The way the light shines on your face
The way your ear has left
The way you make me happy.

For so long I searched
For a love that was precious
Nothing compares to your beauty
Mr Boppin A Riff.

Did you ever know that your my hero
Your everything I wish I could be.

Thank you.
Write back boppin, this is my real e-mail...
I want to know you better


Stig Martin
October 18, 2001 13:28 PT    
Great site you got here, first of all I was looking for something online about Garcia Lorca I found it here, good biography etc. Then I started looking at your work, I like your poetry and Pictures. I got a link on my place to your place.

if you got the time
take a look at

Stig Martin

J and j poems
October 18, 2001 09:55 PT    
I`m happy I ran into your site. You are trully talented. Your poems make my life re-live

Thank you.

Joao Paulo Paglione
Sao Paulo, Brazil (originally)currently stuck in Los Angeles
October 8, 2001 00:21 PT    
I found your website through who is also a mad genius. Bless gypsies and flamenco and spain and all that reminds me of Brazil.

Visit for more details. Stay there and your visit will be like a poem ...

Garotas brasileiras precisam me mandar noticias!

Planeta Tierra
October 3, 2001 08:57 PT    
Que Lugar Tan Bello es tu pagina.
Llegue a este tu posada en el camino porque estaba visitando los escritos de otro de tus compadres poetas, nada mas y nada menos que el Sr. Pablo Neruda.
Usted esta en buena compania, rodeados de la voz de tantos Poetas como usted.
Buena suerte, Bryan.
Hasta la proxima!!!
August 21, 2001 15:39 PT    
I came on here looking for some reviews of Wallace Stevens' "Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Blackbird" since I've got a lovely paper to do tonight. I found your Smoking Permitted thingy funny. Cool site.
Laura Copeland
August 19, 2001 22:38 PT    
When perusing my bookmarks, the e.e.cummings poem on this website came up. I took off the /whatever.ext in Internet Explorer's address bar and got to your site. I still have a lot more looking around to do while procrastinating on my French homework. Perhaps I'll add another guestbook entry after I've seen enough to formulate a solid opinion. I like what I see so far. Have a nice day.
August 7, 2001 17:49 PT    
this site was pretty entertaining, i found something funny while i was doing schoolwork. neat.
vilien fernandez
July 24, 2001 08:37 PT    
David White
Rochester, NY
June 10, 2001 20:11 PT    
I came upon your site seaching for Bertrand Russell material. Thanks for a good quote.
June 2, 2001 08:07 PT    
June 2, 2001 08:04 PT    
This is my second day on the internet. I'm 51 almost 52 years old. I've been too busy fixing cars, scuba diving,etc.,etc. to bother with all this computer crap. I stumbled onto your work "Confessions of an ignoramus" while on a search for material on e.e.cummings, a favorite oet of mine since highschool. I LOVE IT!!! I'm not that much into reading but this I am hooked on! Your writing is honest and speaks to me. I'm a scubadiver. I love to explore that which lurks beneath the surface. Your writing stirs things up in me, like the urge to write...if i could only do it as well. I'll give it a whirle.
Anyone wanna go diving?
gosh i wish i knew...chile tonight
April 20, 2001 20:53 PT    
i read you all night until my eyes were redder than usual. cant tell you what words mean to me, you probably know. keep moving, dragged around the a miners daughter. i see chile this year and i wanna stay. cant stay, gotta keep on moving. and i love it. i was going to go out tonight but i read you instead, rather you read me. i dont think i make sense but you make as much sense as anyone ever could. thank you for a nighttime.
April 10, 2001 08:34 PT    
you are so realistic ...i am interested in your works by just one tome reading them...
March 17, 2001 13:56 PT    
I think you web site is very intrusting but the main reason i checked it out was my name to is Brian Nation, and it was weird looking at a site that had my name but not my face. so i learned something new today
kadir aydemir
March 6, 2001 05:54 PT    
Good page

turkish ang translated poetry page

Ontario, Canada
March 2, 2001 16:03 PT    
I just happen to sumble onto your site, and I'm glad I did. This site is really great!
Pittsburgh, PA
March 1, 2001 20:01 PT    
hola! this is a lovely site. Yay for Pablo Neruda fans. I'm going to read one of his poems tomorrow night at the Women's Center, here on campus at CMU. a shout out for everyone else who appreciates his genius.
this is my lame-ass website that I put up two days ago, having no prior knowledge of html. but you can stalk me and see what i look like!
February 22, 2001 16:13 PT    
You're pretty cute!
February 13, 2001 13:47 PT    
Liked your photographs and poetry.
February 5, 2001 18:08 PT    
time square: the heat and swirl of life, eh?
feel it, love your words of it
Hammond Guthrie
Portland, Oregon
January 23, 2001 08:57 PT    
Honoring my acquaintance poet Corso -

"And Then There Were None"

Borne like Genet -
a blister on a rose.

Elegiac feelings end at seventy -
Bomb or no Bomb
Gregrory Beat poetry with death.

Grief Be Far,


Cynthia Naidu
January 18, 2001 11:11 PT    
Hi! My name is Cynthia Naidu. I an 15 years old.I was looking for some research about the Brain and the memory.I think you are very good at what you do. You should keep up the thing you do
The Gypsy
January 18, 2001 09:42 PT    
Thanks for the most recent introduction to modern American poetry/prose. Another poet introduced me to this genre last year.

Sauci Sistaz
January 17, 2001 04:18 PT    
Hiya babe, I love your work you make things sound so real I'am involved in a cult which reduces me to take upon myself the responsibility to teach other cult members about the truth of this evil world we here by have become put upon. I would like to say a big thank you for helping me achieve the knowledge of this whole shit pile we call EARTH!!!!!!!!!
January 15, 2001 14:48 PT    
Remember Lucy Lights?


January 15, 2001 10:53 PT    
hey. this morning i woke from a dream about lorca, about Llanto por Ignacio Sánchez Mejías, and i wanted to read it again. i did and stumbled upon your site. I enjoyed reading your bio and your autobiography. it was funny and revealing. quiero ver mas en el futuro. write on.
manila, philippines
December 31, 2000 18:15 PT    
great site. discovered garcia lorca through your site - i can't believe i haven't heard of him before. mabuhay.
December 18, 2000 13:22 PT    
Looking around (desperately) for somethign to read at a friends wedding. Found something I needed (desperately) instead, and which has done me great good. Much love to you, and many thanks for the soul food.
shubho sengupta
new delhi
December 13, 2000 00:09 PT    
hi - very interesting life. inspiring stuff.
Bloomfield, Nj
December 8, 2000 23:05 PT    
I was reading about Brian Nation and Allen Ginsberg. I never heard of them before but when I started to read the poems. They were beautiful. I'm doing a final paper on poets and their art and I picked Nation and Ginsberg to talk about.
Daniel Charles Thomas
November 25, 2000 08:49 PT    
Well, I just won a binational poetry prize and will be attending a conference December 7 in Ciudad Juarez, opposite El Paso. Decided to make some copies of verses I have loved since the moment I first read them, and well, NERUDA and his "Puedo escribir los versos más tristes esta noche" is one that resonates in my heart. My web page, a semifictional diary, is at PS: Brian, your page is both aesthetically attractive and technically superb. Thank you for a pleasant experience.
November 23, 2000 08:55 PT    
Bill Coon
Vancouver Canada
November 22, 2000 02:01 PT    
Nice bio Brian. Great photo. You are an interesting fellow!
Gloria E Morales
El Paso, TX USA
November 15, 2000 16:14 PT    
Hello everybody from everywhere!
I started looking some info about pablo Neruda's life for my Research Paper (English Class), and I found my self in this interesting and very nice web page from where I got El Poema 20, or the Poem Twenty. It really help me, since it is already translated, I don't have to do it by my self. I'm from Mexico and I had love Neruda's poems since I was a teenager. I'm very glad I have to do this research and found so many things about my predilect poet. THANK YOU!!!!!
Y como despedida:
Besos y tan tan.
matthew trisler
noblesville, IN
November 10, 2000 22:18 PT    
Just another neruda searcher. Bought the Sixpence None the Richer disc with "Puedo Escribir" on it, did a search, wound up here. That was a year and a half ago. got hooked on the site, but just tonight found it again. thanks.
November 6, 2000 16:58 PT    
playing the search game & here I be: page 14 of the "sonnet" search for new & interesting things... to Federico García Lorca... to
Sonnet of the Sweet Complaint... to brian Nation's homepage.

pretty amazing... book marked, I'll be back for more.

keep telling it the same way.

Sonneteer thinks you might like this one:
35 - Defying Darwin

In some like me there is a drive that prays
For dangers's heat and fear's cold lonely thrill.
We wander wild in wicked, wicked ways,
Abandoning to those less volitile
The well marked paths deviod of mystery.
And, yes, like moths to flames, we do die young,
From physics some, some more from chemistry.
And we die fast, often alone among
Our own, with deaths most inconspicuous.
By Darwin's mind it seems that man should long
Ago have rid his kind of fools like us.
Yet we persist to sing sweet peril's song...
Perhaps in us resides some good so great,
Which God, for man, each era, recreates.

Petrakos Kyriakos
somewhere in Greece
September 22, 2000 19:18 PT    
tears of anguish - sleepless night
thank you for the instantaneous company
birmingham al (of all places)
September 20, 2000 18:42 PT    
Found this site while looking for a certain poem by A. R. Ammons, advance reading for a workshop I plan to take soon. Just getting back into sharing poetic interests after being very alone with them for ten years. Glad you and others like you exist; being alone with poetry for too long can be dangerous!
August 9, 2000 01:23 PT    
HEllo from Bombay, circa 2000. Hit your site while searching for some Lorca. Have to admit, copied and pasted Faithless Wife by that wonderful poet.....nice website, nicer dreams and convictions. Though, if honesty be allowed, I always wonder why North Americans are so keen on talking about themselves. It is refreshing, though, admittedly....ok, peace and love.
August 8, 2000 17:22 PT    
Thank you for the Neruda poems. Some say this translation isn't the best, but I fell in love with Neruda's work after only two poems! Best of blessings with your website.

August 1, 2000 04:51 PT    
I have just read one of the poems to my beloved one through phone...Thank you very much for preparing such a wonderful web page.
July 30, 2000 09:45 PT    
Nice site. Thanks. I needed the kick. Flourish.
TS Cafe
July 24, 2000 14:48 PT    
great stuff-great site
Brian Nation
perhaps you know my significant other
perhaps not but...

you are cordially invited to lunch
we're serving

July 21, 2000 16:08 PT    
this has been one of the most remarkable sites i ever visited...i came in through looking into lorca...and jumped into "boppin"...i have been into it since 4 hours now...keep up the good rules too...ginsberg is still alive amongst us i guess...
Douglas Newton
U.S. originally Taiwan now
July 18, 2000 01:41 PT    
Nice work. I think you can find better translations of the Neruda stuff. Why is it there are so many bad Neruda translators? The photographs are particularly noteworthy, aside from the already famous poems. Keep taking pictures.
Brian White
Tipperary, Ireland
July 14, 2000 14:12 PT    
oops! Can't find any bookseller in this country who has heard of Neruda not to mention having his books in stock,..just browsing...surprised to see so many before have arrived at this site from the same starting point..thanks for the connections, good stuff.."Go n-eiri an bothar leat agus slainte go leir"
July 13, 2000 22:04 PT    

Hi never been to Vancouver. I was born in Windsor Ontario. Used to go to Canada in the summer. Right on with your writings.
Peter J.F.Newton
Sydney, Australia
July 5, 2000 05:34 PT    
G'day mate! Bonzer site. Amongst other jazz gigs I edit a small magazine WordJazz DownUnder. Covers jazz in Lit. (poems, fiction, critical essays, drama, bibliography/discography). 6 issues so far. No bread but free copies to contributors. Submissions welcome, so let's talk.
over here
July 3, 2000 15:57 PT    
Hey there, you with the City Lights in your hair, love never made a fool of you, ... uh, too often that is... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!
Jeremy S Gluck
July 1, 2000 23:45 PT    
Greetings. I am seeking a recording of Allen Ginsberg reading AMERICA (not the wonderful collab with Tom Waits) solo, to attempt a remix fo same for a new century. If anybody has a copy of this and can MP3 it for me I would be very grateful.
June 23, 2000 08:35 PT    
i think neruda is great, tho' i am rather skeptical of translations.
check out
there aren't many genuine writers around, but i dare say, for my superficial judgement, that the maker of this site is probably one of them.
June 21, 2000 21:02 PT    
found your site while looking for some literary analysis on Margaret Atwood's "Variation on the Word Sleep" this is where the rest of my generation went........very nostalgic, pics full of really genuine warm fuzzies and smoking allowed too!!!!! I definately bookmarked this site to return and ponder as I must get on with my literary quest and get some sleep and go to work and .............come back when I can.....
Gerard Jones
June 9, 2000 20:34 PT    
I've linked my website:

to a page in your unauthorized biography that talks about The Jazz Workshop. The link is at "Jazz Workshop" in Chapter 12 of the Authorized version. I hope and trust that's cool with you. Thanks.

Gerard Jones

Arvind Passey
June 9, 2000 07:55 PT    
A great site for all those interested in creativity! Fast loading and easy on the eye too.
I loved being with your pages.
Arvind Passey.
PS:I invite you to subscribe the 'Poetry Splash!' e-zine?
elkins, wv
June 6, 2000 13:24 PT    
In searching for information about a Federico Garcia classical guitar I have, I stumbled into your site. It took me back! I spent much more time there than I had intended. Very enjoyable journey!
May 3, 2000 09:29 PT    
i found that the poets you loved i also have. and reading your writing was alike retouching the blanket of my childhood. your condomontage was amongst my liking and the rocks in question: had you composed them or just taken photographs of them? i ask this because i had taken such snapshots of the towering babels of rocks that a travelling artist had pile(d)-on. he seemed to turn up right before my camera waved in his direction.. at the palace of fine arts and later in sausalito by the ocean'side. i should like to know of your stories, but quickly must fade into your prose. for perhaps in form you write your stories more like prose, like i do? i shall see. shall you? .. dine..
April 26, 2000 17:34 PT    
I have searched the web to find a good bio on
Frederico Garcia Lorca and your site had some
great info...and the poem (Llanto) in English.
I just wanted to say thanks.
April 22, 2000 17:19 PT    
You do not mourn me. you mourn the lack of perception in my flesh.
Costa Rica, Florida and points South
April 13, 2000 13:53 PT    
Bring an avid fan of the theory of searches I knew if I sat at this computer long enough something of interest would find me. Lo and behold, your site finally found me. Great!
April 5, 2000 04:32 PT    
i loved the Sasha poem. and the rest were fun also. i look forward to coming back and visiting again. i write erotica, and seeing some of this gave me some ideas. thanks for sharing!
March 29, 2000 15:22 PT    
Great site!!
I'm taking a class from Yevtushenko right now and seeing what the net has to say about him. Thanks for providing an awesome site.
Philipino Clementina
Ginger & Fred
March 14, 2000 20:21 PT    
Hey Tzin - most are dead, I'm too old, it's too late, yet I can say notwithstanding in three languages, (nichtdestotrotz, af al pi chen) and have lived long enuff to greet your creative ass. You got class. Bring back The Art Ensemble to Fourth Avenue! Great site. Congrats.
March 12, 2000 22:58 PT    
"Pictures for old men" had a nice flow for me. Youth is so full of surprises and they impress so hard I agree. I wonder if the falling off helps welcome death as it remains one big surprise on the horizon? Thanks for the assist on awareness of personal myth and the nudge to peer out onto the landscape from the window of my youth.
March 11, 2000 22:55 PT    
Too connect
Far Points
Two souls
One mind
February 20, 2000 20:34 PT    
im studying the beat generation for my contemporary lit. project....this is all new to me..i feel like more people my age should know about this....there is so much stuff out there to know unfurl a twisty path..grats for the info
Camron Maitland
February 8, 2000 14:52 PT    
Yo, it's been a Y-elle, since I've been abL to find a REAL aprriciator of the poetry of the soul. I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, mine's full of questions....always wondring...
Joshua Paddock
February 7, 2000 10:27 PT    
Hey man, I really dig your site! I have a hard time finding people who appreciate good poetry and art, especially being 15. Drop me a line, and maybe we could share some poems or just rap about the beats. I dig Kerouac more than anything, and I got alot of friends who do to, so any dialogue between us would be appreciated.
Keep up the good work, and maybe we'll meet in a supermarket, among the brilliant stacks of cans.
January 22, 2000 15:08 PT    
I love the site. it is maginficent. you had alot of information on the spanish poet and dramitist Federico Garcia Lorca. Thanx
Vincent Ross
Harrisburg, Pa
January 14, 2000 09:11 PT    
Hey there Big Guy...Showing love and Imeaasurable gratitiude from PA!!! Love the page and the best is the poem from Pablo Neruda...One of the greatest of our time....Peace and Blessings to you!!
johnny c. violeta
January 13, 2000 02:04 PT    
thank you !
you are so nice
Detroit, Michigan, sort of
January 9, 2000 20:00 PT    
found your site looking for the name of a Spanish or Mexican poet and maybe even a translation of the poem by him that I lost...called, "yo no soy yo" If you can help, I'll read some of your stuff. If you don't have a sense of humor, forget (or ignore) the previous sentence. It's late, and I'm going to bed. Thanks.
Diamond Back
St.Louis, mo
January 5, 2000 08:48 PT    
Sammy Segrist
Scottsbluff, NE
January 1, 2000 23:10 PT    
Hey, I really like your site. It's refreshing and intriguing. Sounds like you've led a double-edged life. Or something like that. I'm 18 years old and live in the panhandle of Nebraska. I also write poetry. I play in a band. I make a literary magazine and I also do wacko performance art. If you'd like a copy of my 'zine, just e-mail me. Take care. ~Sammy
kelly rogers
December 6, 1999 07:53 PT    
hey this is a good website. i found what i needed very quickly. Thank You
Brian Nation
October 30, 1999 18:24 PT    
Wow. I just typed my name (and yours) into a search engine and found this site. I had to sign your book.
Jakarta, Indonesia
October 26, 1999 18:23 PT    
i just love it and i like to visit here again someday. just wondering that u know anything about gibran ?. hes good too like hes my favorite and insipires me much. keep up the good work.
mort golub
bay area, marin
October 16, 1999 18:22 PT    
Simplify simplify  Thoreau
simplify   nation
smpfy.     golub
"    ?
louisville, usa
September 25, 1999 18:21 PT    
came in for Lorca, and read your poetry and the very nice/beautiful pictures of everyone. the picture of the young girl listening for the baby... holy stuff. take care.
Leah Kaminski
Pittsburgh, United States
September 24, 1999 18:20 PT    
This site is incredible. I loved reading your poetry, as well as others. Your poems are beautiful. I will return again.
Nehemiah Bar-Shlomo
Tel-Aviv , Israel
September 24, 1999 18:20 PT    
Very cool!
ron androla
eerie, usa
September 10, 1999 18:19 PT    
great site here. good stuff.
D.S. McCalla
Quasar, Mandiarana
August 25, 1999 18:18 PT    
Jack is clever Jack is sprat he is tough as pretty fair Jack loves Mary with all his heart Jack is mild and clear blue eyes he died in Saigon, Vietnam, January 30, 1968.
Suhra UB
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
August 18, 1999 18:18 PT    
Nice page of good marvellous poetry. Nice sharing something of yours; of Lorca, of Neruda and beautiful Sunflower Sutra (Ginsberg). Happy, very happy reading everything. Very nice, very very nice indeed! Thanks for the effort putting in poems with beautiful lines of beautiful things from beautiful people.
Brian Fennell
Philadelphia, PA
August 03, 1999 18:17 PT    
Liked your site. Really great!
July 20, 1999 18:16 PT    
Delightfully enchanting. Love Neruda! A well-done site worth looking at again.
marc gregorio
sta rosa, laguna, philippines
July 17, 1999 18:15 PT    
i bet this is ur first mail from s/e asia...came in for neruda..just saw il postino for the umpteenth time which made me surf for more neruda stuff..great page..tnx for letting us in..btw, u shld. include "ï like for u to be still"..keep dreaming...
Daniel Snyder
May 21, 1999 18:15 PT    
Hello, I found your site some time ago and bookmarked it, meaning to return. Now I have, and I'm glad I did. Your poetry is quite beautiful, I hope you take pride in it. I'll be sure and send some of my friends over your way.--DS
Jessica Fling
Foxbural, nevada
May 13, 1999 18:14 PT    
I think that you are very smart and would love to met you one day in the future...Keep your head up and heart in the right place!
April 14, 1999 18:12 PT    
yeah, yeah, and i spelled unfortunately wrong. forgive me.
new orleans, usa
April 14, 1999 18:11 PT    
hello. i don't know if you read the commentary in your guestbook, but if you do, i am wondering if you know anything more about anton rosenberg. my mother was his neice, but unfortuantely i never met him due to family difficulties. i'm just woneringabout his life and work, as i am an arist as well.
Claremont, CA, USA
April 12, 1999 18:10 PT    
yeah, I came in from the rain and the deep wholeof this all-breathing night for Neruda too. Have to say I'll be back for some capering in your space.... And....thank you
Shane Shidler
United States
February 19, 1999 18:09 PT    
keep the faith alive
January 16, 1999 18:08 PT    
Gee, Brine, I can't top your friend who is your kindred spirit, but I always liked you and I am glad to see you are keeping up your site with ever increasing energy and sophistication. I think you should start a movie section though. Yes, okay, I'd be happy to oblige submitting my recommendations. First of all, any movie that shows at the nearest cinema house for under six dollars is always a good bet. Secondly, any movie with British people dressed in linens and silks with the green verdant countryside as background, and thirdly, anything which I happen to regard as a fine film: Try the Apostle or Jude. Even Horse Whisperers if you love horses and rob redford and you feel vulnerable and open and have kleenex handy. There are so many others but I've forgotten their titles all of a sudden.
bill miller
Phoenix, usa
January 08, 1999 18:08 PT    
feel like we are kindred spirits or some fucking thing...about the same age...i am ano 55...i spend much time in home is mirimar playa....i hang at la rampa.... eating copelia and playing dominoes....i am comandante of brigado mano-y-mano....we gather donated meds & med equip from the us for cuban hospitals....send medical teams frequently to cuba....(see "infomed cuba/usa" web site)....try to get to cuba every couple months for three weeks...totaly dug ur site....very revolutionary.... you are a progressive can always spot another....right fuckin on....muchas gracias por tu mas trabajo compan~ero!....i'll be back!....hasta la victoria siempre! salud! bill
Murray Meyer
Los Angeles, USA
December 09, 1998 18:07 PT    
I am so totally impressed with this. Been on this site for 30 minutes and haven't seen everything yet. The most impressive thing is that I can get all the stuff on this shitty machine I have. Bravo Brian.
john eric
quezon, philippines
December 06, 1998 18:07 PT    
nice poems, i was looking for more neruda works when i happened to drop by. wondering if you still know of other neruda sites
Macungie, USA
November 21, 1998 18:06 PT    
i sincerely enjoyed the true love poem. i'd like to have it in my "guest poetry" chapter on my site, if i could (eh eh?). till then, yeah...stuff.
Newell Pledger-Shinn
Richmond, IN, USA
November 20, 1998 18:05 PT    
Looks liking putting Neruda on your site has sent you shit-loads of traffic. I came for Neruda, stayed for a really nice site. Spot-on. I liked you prose better than your poetry, but all is good and the sight well-done.
sarah albertson
Vancouver, Canada
November 18, 1998 18:04 PT    
Dearest Brian, this web page is funny, interesting and artistic, only I feel something critical is missing, hmm what could it be? Me of course, as a friend of yours for ten years and the daughter of your most beloved I believe I deserve a spot on your page, so here I am. SARAH, SARAH, SARAH, from now on you will hear the wind whistling my name, stadium crowds cheering my name, the refrigerator humming my name, and on occassion me lisping my name--sssSARAH.

DURIF Pierre
October 26, 1998 17:57 PT    
A great site. Keep on. Take a look at my personal site : and at a site I have created :
vancouver, canada
September 15, 1998 17:56 PT    
randomly found your page, but then again is anything random? love neruda.
Derek Speck
New Liskeard, Canada
September 14, 1998 17:56 PT    
You bloody westerners with your mountains, ocean and clean water. All the sun and good looking young woman must go to your heads.... Sigh, I got to move.
mountain with a , moat
August 08, 1998 17:55 PT    
Brian..gotta love ya!! i loved your poem about shit creek..i have been there numerous times myself..i am now selling paddles for shit creek..would you be interested in purchasing a pair..i have already worn out several pairs..since poets are generally po' folk i would be willing to trade..say a pair of paddles for a new poem..sincerely in shit...roberta
Ivón Cepeda
August 02, 1998 20:16 PT    
Hi Brian. Thank's for being one of those "special persons" here in the web. As some others, I came here by the name of Neruda... congratulations for being you! The light and the love be with you.
montreal, Canada
July 30, 1998 20:16 PT    
La liberte ce n'est pas de courir n'importe ou, n'importe quand avec n'importe qui, c'est etre conscient quand on cour dans la vie. Neruda nous apprend une nouvele facon d'etre libre dans la vie.
Carole Barley
Hull, England
July 14, 1998 20:15 PT    
Neruda entrances and inspires, and your site is spot on! Good to know I'm not the only one afflicted by such sweet insanity. Keep it up! Wishing you a windsong of islands... 'Vienna' (starving artist and wannabe poet)
June 30, 1998 20:14 PT    
excellent!!! i was looking for Neruda and ran into your page. i was quite impressed. i find that not too many people are as entranced by the works of Neruda as i am. looking forwad to new material.
Jeremy McGuire
San Diego , USA
June 28, 1998 20:13 PT    
I can't wait to check out the rest of the site. Tell me more about your Jazz experience. Do you play an instrument?
Miguel Henriques
Barcelos, PORTUGAL
June 22, 1998 20:12 PT    
In Search of Pablo Neruda got here and loved it....
New Baalbeck
May 12, 1998 20:11 PT    
"I saw the breath of a crow in winter
Sweet with the holly of Cos Cob."
Greta Dorfman
Santa Rosa, California, USA
April 23, 1998 20:10 PT    
Hello Brian, and greetings from Sonoma County, California. Philip Clement asked me to visit you and send his regards. Also, please tell me where to find the Nachshen Family home page. Thanks. Best wishes - Greta
atlanta, usa
April 14, 1998 20:08 PT    
Thank you for offering information. Looking for a poet/poetry to compliment some of my paintings. I study graphic design at Portfolio Center so any one intersted in a collaboration I do semi-classical/impressionistic/expressionistic, Lucien Freud and Giacometti meet Manet style painting/printmaking. Am currently composing hand held piece for portfolio to incorporate illustrations.
Mary E.
Venice, CA, USA
April 10, 1998 20:07 PT    
Just strollin thru SoHo.....and WHAm!! Your page hit me between the eyes...From one cancerian to another...WELL DONE.
Dominic Palombo
April 04, 1998 20:06 PT    
I was looking for some Neruda work and stumbled across your sight. It was captivating. Many attempt to portray a psuedo-artist image, choosing expression as a profession while hindering what flows from the soul. What is here is sincere. Keep it up.
Anthony John Ciccariello III
Jackson, New Jersey, USA
March 29, 1998 20:05 PT    
I truly enjoyed reading the works. Well done. Tony
Mark Overmyer Velazquez
New Haven, USA
March 25, 1998 20:04 PT    
Brian, thank you for the wonderful photos of the Mills clan. Dave is my oldest friend on this wee planet. I had not yet seen a picture of Jack! They all look wonderful.
en solidaridad,
Satrina Reynolds
Oxford, MI, USA
February 09, 1998 19:58 PT    
Thank you for the information on Ginsberg! It's refreshing to know that people still care about the life of the greatest American author of all time! We love you Allen!
Natalie R. Douglas
Kingston, Jamaica,W.I.
February 01, 1998 19:56 PT    
Thank you for the beautiful poem, LOVE, by Pablo Neruda. Thank you for such a soulful website. I will come back.
Sofia Wallgren
January 26, 1998 19:55 PT    
Really enjoyed this page! In my opinion your work is excellent! I'll come back!
Peter Clement
Procter, B.C., Canada
January 15, 1998 19:55 PT    
Just returned to your website after a long absence. Wow! Loved going thru your writings and seeing the additions/changes you've made. Very cool and stimulating site. Peter
Gregory Severance
Brooklyn, New York, USA
January 11, 1998 19:54 PT    
Cool site. I'm looking forward to coming back. "In the Autumn of 1951 I began thinking of Cody Pomeray, thinking of Cody Pomeray." -- Jack Kerouac VISIONS OF CODY
San Jose, Costa Rica
December 04, 1997 19:50 PT    
Brian, good stuff. How come you aren't that witty when we're eating pizza? Or are you? All we seem to say is "bring us a number 5". Hey, let's move on to a number 6 (unless it has anchovies).
San Jose , Costa Rica
December 04, 1997 19:49 PT    
Well, I looked at all the pictures but couldn't find one of me. How will I knnow what I look like?
Ronald Flores
Gurabo, PR
November 08, 1997 19:47 PT    
Your pages just get better and better. I hate them! The pictures of the grandchildren are wonderful. I wish I had an adjective factory so that I could churn out grand descriptive phrases about how happy I am to have met you. Keep truckin, amigo.
west columbia, sc, usa
November 02, 1997 19:46 PT    
Brian, I very much of the way enjoyed your web page; it is wonderful to run across one that is not full of pure junk. Your page is fabulous. I found it looking up entries on Pablo Neruda, and i am very glad i did.
bill smith
October 02, 1997 19:45 PT    
Ahleigh Sampson
Windsor, Canada
September 18, 1997 19:45 PT    
Brian, I really respect you, and I don't even know you... keep writing, you are very talented
Jim Cota
Oaktown, us
September 15, 1997 19:41 PT    
I'm very pleased to read your poetry, I'd like to read more. Kristin want's to know when the literary salon's opening?
Bruce Freedman
Vancouver, Canada
September 14, 1997 19:40 PT    
Hey Brian, Enjoying sampling your work! Question: In Hotdog Palace, it is autobiographical isn't it? Did you really see Trane in person? Its one of my deepest regrets that I didn't get to. I remember in 67', I guess, I had tickets for a concert and then it was cancelled because he was sick. Then died.
David Sivan
Midreshet Ben-Gurion, Israel
September 07, 1997 19:39 PT    
A very interesting site. It seems your creativity is flowing without end. I wish for little part of yours. I'll return to the site as much as I can.
Tom Bailey
Portland , U.S.
September 07, 1997 19:35 PT    
City Lights bookstore sign said it so sadly..its later but is it better?
Peter Clement
Procter, BC
August 19, 1997 19:34 PT    
'though we're related by blood, I still think you are creative, courageous, and have great relatives. keep us laughing!
Ronald Flores
Gurabo, PR
August 07, 1997 19:33 PT    
?Por que carajo sigues mudandote de URL a URL? No puedo contigo, chico. Trata de quedarte un rato en un solo sitio, OK? Yo me quedo en mi montana, contento, quieto y fastidiado. Un gran abrazo y felicitaciones - tus paginas estan "cool." Ronald
Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
July 5, 1997 19:31 PT    
Just a note of encouragement from 1 of the millions in our same situations. I'm a few years older but feel pretty much the same as you. Just wanted to let you know I read your stuff at both sites. I procrastinate so damn much I'm now paying the IRS 50 bucks a month on 14,000 dollars of penalties for not bothering to file since 1973. I really don't much give'em a chance of ever getting the actual taxes I owe but my token monthly payment keeps them off my dear ole dad's neck, he's in his 80's and can't quite stand up to their bullying tactics about not sending me any dividends etc, etc, so I made arrangements w/them to pay a little each month and now everyone's happy. (HA) My point is I put off almost everything I can. I have some pages that might give you some insight into what I'm about.

My best wishes on your efforts, I enjoy your work and look forward to reading much more Ciao from Easy

John Gregorio
Denver, CO
April 9, 1997 19:30 PT    
Let's see, I am 46 work as a Contract Specialist
for the Department of Veterans Affairs, have a degree in English, have
published in small outhand mags etc. over the years, and have procrastinated
with the best. So why did I end up at this web site?? Magnetism, I guess.
I will be curious to see what you do as the months progress. Jack Gregorio
leif halvorson
v-town ca
April 7, 1997 19:28 PT    
particulate reality on the bardo// bright aid for
allen//thru the shroud of illusion// grief//fear//bright hope// and all
things changing
Robert Labossiere
April 7, 1997 19:27 PT    
Was referred to your site by Levi Asher. Liked your repro. of the Sunflower Sutra a lot, your webpages as well.
Jamie Reid
April 6, 1997 19:22 PT    
Dear Brian, I was cruising the net looking for comments on Allen Ginsberg's death, having myself written ten pages and sent them off to the Electronic Poetry Center in Buffalo and to selected friends. I thought surely it must be somebody else besides my old friend, but looked anyway and there you were in all your glory. e-mail me back and give me your e-mail address and I'll send you what I wrote. I've got a new book coming out very soon from Coach House Books (the new reincarnation) and I'll be doing a reading from it at Black Sheep Books next Friday (April 11, one day after my birthday). You can access the book at Coach House website: Would love to hear from you. Oops, just found your e-mail address below. I'll send the material seperately.
david saxe
who knows? this is the story of my life
February 24, 1977 19:16 PT    
I see that there is some progress (although meek) with your web page . keep it up