sarah silverman part 2

sarah and i get a little closer

photo by Guy MacPherson

Sarah Silverman is hot, isn’t she? The hottest. Even Barbara thinks so, except she wouldn’t say hot. And she’s funny as hell. The funniest. Sharp. I’m crazy about her. Her TV show is one of only about three that I ever watch. I’m very particular. Or do I mean peculiar? I get those words mixed up.

Two years ago I explained how I was seduced by a photo of Sarah Silverman in an old New Yorker magazine that lay open on a pile of other magazines in my apartment for several weeks or months. It was sort of like the portrait of Laura Hunt (Gene Tierney) that Detective Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) eventually falls for, except that I knew Sarah hadn’t been murdered. And I didn’t actually fall in the usual sense of “falling”. Since then I’ve become her biggest fan, although not as crazed as the boys who’ve been going around town stealing piles of Georgia Straights out of vending boxes for her cover photo. And these Straight boxes are two or three on every block around here so I’ve been seeing a lot of Sarah lately.

The reason for the cover story is that Sarah blew through town on the weekend for a show at the River Rock Casino in Richmond, to which our mutual friend Guy MacPherson (who wrote the story) invited me. I had to pass on seeing Bill Coon’s guitar genius band at Cap College to catch her. In fact I risked my life as despite being the end of March a freezing sonofabitch hailstorm blew in from Russia (I thought the fucking Cold War was over!) and I don’t like being on the roads here at the best of times. I thought I’d probably die an icy death on the way to Richmond but I took that chance.

Sarah’s show was great. I’m not a comedy critic (that’s Guy’s job) so won’t elaborate. I loved it. How could I not? Some familiar stuff and some new stuff and Sarah’s just fun to be around when she’s on stage, and off as well, as it turns out.

We went backstage and hung out for an hour I’m guessing. I haven’t met many comics but the few I have were not that funny in real life. I’m funnier in real life but if I got on stage I’d be shot. But Sarah’s funny and warm and well . . . as much as you can tell in an hour . . . real . . . and a sweetheart! I’m still crazy about her.

Guy MacPherson and Sarah Silverman

Tomorrow: Running into Woody Allen at City Lights Books in 1963

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I see Sarah’s #14 on the People magazine list of the 100 most beautiful people in the world. Where do you think you’d place, Brian?
Guy (Vancouver) – May 11, 2008

does jimmy kimmel know about you and sarah?
naan (cornwall asylum) – Monday, May 26, 2008

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