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This is Kate Reid. A month ago Gary Cristall called to say she needed photos for her upcoming debut CD. I didn’t know her but then I don’t follow the local lesbian singer/songwriter scene too closely. She came by and I took some pictures, three of which wound up on the CD (not this one). Sunday Barbara and I went to the Railway Club for the release gig. It was pretty good I have to say, even if not exactly my cup of tea. Kate’s music is upbeat fun for the most part.

The Railway Club’s a great room – I just wish they had more of my kind of music, which is just about any kind of music except for the kind they usually have there. During the day it’s one of the best bars in town. For years there was a weekly literary hang. I don’t visit the place often and the last time I was there with Barbara was I don’t don’t know how many years ago to see Martha Wainwright. Kate was happy to know this as Martha’s one of her favourite artists.

Here’s a lousy picture of Martha at that Railway Club gig. We were seated too far away for me to get a decent shot. (I always make sure I’ve got an excellent excuse for miserable photography.) There were others, even worse, with the whole band which included Martha’s cousin, Lily Lanken on backup vocals. They’re both seen below in a photo from about a year earlier. Lily is also a wonderful singer. That sublime McGarrigle voice happily has infused all the lineal tributaries. As it happened, Kate and Anna were with us at the club that night, due to a happy confluence of miscellaneous travels of all concerned.

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