Looks like I was in a movie about the fifties but the problem is, it was the fifties.

I recently read Rule of the Bone, another great book by Russell Banks, the first half of which is set in Ausable Forks, NY, not far from this Chasm, I guess. I’m not really sure. We passed Ausable Chasm going to and from New York and despite this photo I don’t remember ever seeing it. Did we just stop to take a picture? I don’t remember even this, but there it is. Evidence. I’m in the middle, between my brothers. Sam, older than me by 12 years on my right, Larry, seven years older smoking on my left. No idea how old I am here. Fifteen? A hundred? I’m gazing at nothing, probably imagining leaning against a car in New Mexico ten years off in my own future, as opposed to someone else’s present. Of course I’m imagining now what I was imagining then because for all I know it might have been the happiest time of my life. Memory is so perplexing.

photo by anne

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