King Kong

Just saw the new King Kong.

The first movie I ever saw was the original 1933 King Kong. It was in Sainte Agathe des Monts, I was five, and it was on a double bill with the second movie I ever saw, High Noon. Both films influenced my Weltanschauung, setting my political, social, and spiritual philosophies for the rest of my days. Not the nights – just the days.

Since then I’ve seen 55,000 movies. I realize this is impossible but trust me on this. Seeing High Noon at age five is also impossible but this is how I remember things and that’s what counts. Sometimes mythology has more to teach than chronology.

In any event, this new Kong is a beautiful and worthy re-interpretation of the classic, even if it is an hour too long. And it’s fitting that it’s the first movie I’ve been to in two years.

“I am all alone in the world. I have to make a living. So I’m going someplace else. That’s all.”

-Helen (Katy Jurado) High Noon

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