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My buddy Jabbo Gildersleeve (not his real name, which is “Guy MacPherson”) knows Sarah Silverman. Last week I found an old New Yorker in the freebie pile at the library and took it home. There was the story on Sarah. By the time I got to the second page I had to stop for another in a lifelong series of snacks so I put the magazine down and next thing I know it’s Friday and so many exciting things have happened. I’m not a very focused reader. But the magazine’s been lying around open to page 51, next to the piles of other magazines and books that have accumulated unread over the last 27 months. Now every time I go by that heap there’s Sarah giving me that look. I think I’m falling for her. Do you think if I wrote about her here Jabbo would tell her?

I know hardly anything about Sarah Silverman. I hardly know anything about anything at all anymore, having given my TV to Rod Heinz nearly twenty years ago, having not finished any articles since I started getting magazines for free, and since I started experimenting with attention deficit disorder. But last week I watched a pirated copy of The Aristocrats in which Sarah appears and in my opinion she alone was worth the price of admission. Gilbert Gottfried was one of my favourite comedians (or “comics” as Jabbo (Guy) calls them) back when I had TV and he is brilliant in this movie but Sarah Silverman is the star – I don’t care what anyone says. I think I’ll go watch her part again right now. Don’t wait up.

I’m probably 400 times older than her, am in an excellent relationship with a fabulous broad already, and so forth – so when I say I’m “falling” for her I mean it only in the purest Euclidian sense of the word.

Followup [Jan 19, 2006]:

I asked, “Do you think if I wrote about her here Jabbo would tell her?” Well, he did email a link to the above anecdote to Sarah S. to which she replied,

> He’s adorable! And I mean that in the most
> condescending way!
> 🙂
> no, that was really sweet. I love how loose and
> free and honest his writing
> is. Thanks for showing me.
> xoxo
> s

Wow . . how nice. Now I really AM falling for her . . . in a neo-Pythagorean sort of way.

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